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New Construction projects

Fair price, Quality work, Deadline sensitive.

Exterior siding and railings, both sprayed and hand painted or stained

We offer the finest attention to detail in the industry.  Wether we are working on a 14,000 sq ft home or a 2000 sq ft condo our quality is not comprimised.  We pay attention to the fine details such as matching stains to  different types of wood, multiple color puddy to match grains, puddying nail holes between clear coats on the woodwork so they dont shrink in the future, tight small caulk lines with square corners. If you have wood windows we will remove the sashs and dismember the hardware before we stain and poly so you can be assured all sides get coated and protected.   

sprayed metal paint application

We pride ourselves on working with deadlines.  Typically in a new construction project delays will and ofter occur for a variety of reasons.  We understand and embrace the fact that painters are usually the last subcontractor to finish the job.  Our hours of work remain flexible to ensure the quickest and most efficient use of time for that day or week. What does this mean exactly?  We will work weekends or evening hours, after the other subcontractors and carpentors have left to guarantee the job gets done.   This allows us to spray clear coats and not shut down the  job site for the day. If a coat of paint needs to be applied before another subcontractor can move forward, we will work weekends or evenings to allow the building process  to move efficiently. Our ability to work 'With' and 'Around' other subcontractors is what separates us from our competition. 


Our crew can complete a project from start to finish with all applications held to high standards.  Complete drywall (both spray or cut and roll); Interior woodwork start to finish ie. sand, stain, clear coat (laquer, poly, varnish), puddy, caulk.  Interior wood doors done onsite.  Exterior siding prestained then final coated once hung.  Faux work to both woodwork or drywall.  Metal railing finishes.  Hardware color matching  such as light can fixtures, fan vents, speaker covers.  We take advantage of  both an airless spray system or HVLP depending on the application to offer the best finish in the least amount of time. 

Spraying clear coat over finished woodwork
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